Collections on New England Native American History


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Collections on New England Native American History


This page contains a wide variety of books and records relative to Native Americans in the New England area, particularly in the state of Massachusetts.

We've tried to collect and organize them all into one central location for easier access in aiding those with their research.

Most of the records here are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free at the following Adobe website:

Adobe Acrobat Reader download site

I believe most of these records can be shared and downloaded by either right clicking on the link or just saving the page once it is opened. Some of them will take awhile to download due to their current size.

Feel free to copy or download whatever you want from these sites including the index. Please be cautious in using any of these sources for publication as some certain copyrights may still apply.

note: I've finally acquired Volumes 29 through 34 of the Massachusetts State Archives microfilms on Native Americans in digital format. I'm currently editing them in Adobe Photoshop and now have them online. 

They can be found at this link: Massachusetts State Archives Microfilms of Native Americans

I've received a partial copy of the John Eliot Indian Bible and, according to Professor Higgins' commentary on the preparation of the bible text, this is what the record consists of that I currently have:

Secondary text [initially the copy text, from 2009.XII.2 secondary] (second edition, 1685): Wing B2756, Early English Books 1641-1700 (UMI/Bell & Howell microfilm), reel 1735, item 2. Bodleian copy. Siglum: "B" (This film apparently only includes the Old Testament, omitting the table of contents and the metrical psalms.)

So now I will be searching for a copy of the New Testament of the John Eliot Indian Bible. I may have found it already but I'm not absolutely sure just yet.

Unfortunately things going on in my life over the past couple of years have made these projects a bit slow in the process.

I wish I had more time and money to devote to them but I am truly grateful for the privilege I've had to do so.

My main goal is to get this acquired information to the local tribal councils, libraries and archives for preservation purposes.

Also, it is my hope that it may help some in making a connection with their Native American ancestry and heritage.

I'm very grateful to all those who prepared this information and also to all those who have helped me collect it.

For now, this project should just give, to those who are interested, an idea of the various types of documentation that are out there. 


note: Unfortunately, many of the pages of Warren Sears Nickerson's typed manuscript are faded quite badly but they are at least still legible. Some of the scans may vary in contrast due to the enhancement of the text quality on the page.


Warren Sears Nickerson's Book of Cape Cod Native American Genealogies

General Introduction

Group 1 The Monomoyicks

Group 2 The Nawsets

Group 3 The Sauquatuckets


There is a copy of the version of Nickerson's book, that I have here online, located at the Salt Ponds Visitor Center in Eastham, MA. Here is a link to the facility:


I've also found an archive that actually has a slightly different version of Nickerson's book, which I hope to eventually look into. It's quite interesting. The following is a link to the Sturgis Library that holds the archive and it's listed under record MS52:


Ebenezer W. Peirce's Indian History, Biography and Genealogy: Pertaining to the Good Sachem Massasoit, of the Wampanoag Tribe, and his descendants

Page 210 of the book has Massasoit's genealogy


Descendant of Massasoit obituary


Speech by Pometacomet "King Philip" printed in, "The History of Swansea, Massachusetts 1667-1917"


The History of Swansea, Massachusetts 1667-1917 online


Experience Mayhew's Indian Converts or Some Account of the lives and dying speeches of a considerable number of the Christianized Indians of Martha's Vineyard


Index of Individuals listed in Indian Converts


Indian Converts Collection Website


List of some notable Christian Indians


Samuel G. Drake's Biography and History of North American Indians

Books II and III have good information on New England Native Americans


Samuel G. Drake's The Old Indian Chronicle

Page 107 of the book states that the first blood of King Philip's War or Metacom's Rebellion was shed by the English in Swansea. 

It states, "One of the Inhabitants of Swanfey was fo provoked by an Indian's perfifting in killing his Cattle, that he fired upon, and wounded him ; and thus was the firft Blood fhed, and thus was brought on the difaftrous War, upon the Details of which we are now entering."


A memoir of Samuel G. Drake


Virginia Baker's Massasoit's Town Sowams in Pokanoket Its History, Legends, and Traditions


       Daniel Gookin's Historical Collections of the Indians in New England of their several nations, numbers, customs, manners, religion and government, before the English planted there

I updated both of Gookin's records into digitized book form on 5/18/11


       Map of the locations mentioned by Daniel Gookin in the Historical Collections


Daniel Gookin's A Historical Account of the Doings and Sufferings of the Christian Indians in New England in the years 1675-1677


William Apes' Eulogy on King Philip


William Apes' Indian Nullification of the Unconstitutional Laws of Massachusetts relative to the Marshpee Tribe


William Apes' The Experiences of Five Christian Indians of the Pequod Tribe


William Apes' Son of the Forest


Samson Occom and The Christian Indians of New England

page 335 of the book starts some family histories


Roger Williams' A Key Into The Language Of America


Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society

page 285 of Volume X starts some Native American history


the following Native American census records and transcripts were very gratefully provided by :

R. Andrew Pierce


List of Thomas Tupper's Congregation of Indians 1693

Herring Pond and Black Ground 1710

Nantucket Census 1723

Dartmouth Census 1724

Mashpee 1724

List of families in Natick 1749

Nantucket Marriages 1755-1839

Sandwich 1757

Mashpee Vital Records 1758 -1782 by Reverend Gideon Hawley transcribed by Julia Coldren-Walker

Sandwich 1761

Middleboro 1762

Potenomacut (Yarmouth and Harwich) 1765

Mashpee Census 1776

Natick Census 1778

Nantucket Census 1790

Resolves Chap.40  Petition of Guardian of Indians in Plymouth County 1790

Martha's Vineyard Census 1792

Mashpee Census 1793

Mashpee Census 1800

Head of households listed in Mashpee on 1800 Federal Census

Mashpee Census 1808

Head of households listed in Mashpee on 1820 Federal Census

Martha's Vineyard Census 1823

Mashpee Enumeration 1832 transcribed by Julia Coldren-Walker

Mashpee Census 1834 transcribed by Julia Coldren-Walker

Dudley Census 1835

Individuals listed in various petitions 1737-1863 

(some of the petitions may contain incorrect spellings due to the fault of the original transcribers and not of R. Andrew Pierce)

Individuals listed in Senate Unpassed (SU) Legislation records


Massachusetts House of Representatives Report of Native Americans House Number 68 in 1827

digital copy of this report is thanks to Alix Quan at the State Library of Massachusetts


Alphabetical Roster of Massachusetts Indians in 1849


the following report is thanks to Bonnie Coles and the rest of the team over at the Library of Congress

The Briggs Report or Report of the Commissioners Relating to The Condition of the Indians of Massachusetts House Number 46 - Feb. 1849

individuals are listed in the appendix


Alphabetical Roster of Massachusetts Native American Individuals in Earle Report during 1861


The Earle Report or Report to the Governor and Council concerning the Indians of the Commonwealth under the act of April 6, 1859 by John Milton Earle

individuals are listed in the appendix


the following record was obtained from the State Library of Massachusetts

The 1870 Indian Census of Gay Head (Aquinnah), Dukes Co., Mass "Pease Report"


The 1870 Indian Census of Gay Head (Aquinnah), Dukes Co., Mass listing


List of Massachusetts records on Native Americans


Massachusetts Archives Massachusetts Records 1783-1856 index

the actual documents to the above index our located at the Massachusetts Archives

thanks to Martha Clark and Michael Comeau for the copy


State Library of Massachusetts Records 1827-1888 index and documents

microfiche #34 and the actual documents to the above our located at the State Library of Massachusetts


Massachusetts Acts and Resolves 1692 to 1959

(Listed as a source by Professor Daniel R. Mandell. Note: Look under "Indian" in the indices located at the backs of the books to find some useful info. The following is an excerpt from one of the books which is quite sad: Acts 1715-1741 Pages 258-259 )


Index of Massachusetts Guardian of Indians Records at Massachusetts State Archives

(I don't know who to give credit to for this but it was located on the Grafton Indians website)


Martha's Vineyard Native American Sources


Martha's Vineyard Native American Sources 2


Martha's Vineyard Native American Sources 3


Martha's Vineyard Native American List by Marshall Shephard


The History of Martha's Vineyard By Charles Edward Banks 

page 31 begins some Native American history


Nantucket A History by R.A. Douglas-Lithgow

page 48 of the book begins list of individuals


Nantucket Indians Who Died of the Sickness by Elizabeth A. Little and Marie Sussek


Nickanoose (Nantucket Sachem) pedigree


Mashpee Yesteryear Records


Mashpee Sources by Mark Choquet


In Their Own Write Native American Documents at Pilgrim Hall Museum


Native American Deeds - Massachusetts


Fall River Indian Reservation by Hugo A. Dubuque


Donald Smith’s Collective Writings on Massachusetts Tribes


a surname list by Donald S. Smith


surname list


Sconticut Tribe info


article on Martha Simon of the Sconticut Tribe


excerpt from the journal of Henry David Thoreau, dated June 26, 1856, on Martha Simon


Stockbridge Indian Papers index 1739-1915


Affairs of the Narragansett Indians 1881-1884


list of some Narragansett records


Territorial Subdivisions and Boundaries of the Wampanoag, Massachusett, and Nauset Indians by Frank G. Speck


Who Our Forefathers Really Were by Franklin E. Bearce "Swimming Eel"


August 1941 Pow Wow (with pictures of "Swimming Eel")


The Cape Cod - Nantucket - Martha's Vineyard Connection A Traditional Lineage From Sachems of the Cape and Islands by Russell Herbert Gardner "Great Moose"


Articles in memory of Russell Herbert Gardner “Great Moose”


Wampanoag Indian Council 1960 (with picture of "Great Moose")


Identifying Your American Indian Ancestors by Mark Choquet


list of Milton Travers papers located at UMASS Dartmouth


Indian Names of Places in Plymouth, Middleborough, Lakeville, and Carver, Massachusetts 

by Lincoln N. Kinnicutt


Indian Names of Places in Worcester, Massachusetts County by Lincoln N. Kinnicutt


An Introduction to Wampanoag Grammar by Jessie Little Doe Fermino


Wopanaak Language Reclamation Project


Algonquian Texts Project


Natick Dictionary 1903


John Eliot's Genesis of 1655

mentioned by F.R. Higgins, Amherst 


Harvard Indian College site


The Pequot/Bermuda Reconnection


Wampanoag Map by Frank Coolidge


Link to site with National Indian Census Rolls 1885-1940


Tribal Councils


Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe


Chappaquiddic Wampanoag Tribe


Chappaquiddick Wampanoag Tribe


Dighton Tribe


Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe


Praying Indians of Natick and Ponkapoag


Pocasset, Nemasket & Acoaxet Wampanoag Tribe


Pocasset Wampanoag Tribe


Herring Pond Wampanoag Tribe


Neponsett/ Ponkapoag Tribe


Pokanoket Wampanoag Tribe


Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe


The Cowasuck Band


Narragansett Tribe


Nipmuc Nation


Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation


Massachusetts Center for Native American Awareness


Plimoth Wampanoag Homesite


Boston Childrens' Museum Native American Collection


Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center


New England Indians info page


Dr. Jack Dempsey's website

I believe he is who runs this youtube site which has great interviews with Slow Turtle and Nanepashemet


other books of interest 

(that currently can't be obtained in digital format)


book on New England Native American archaeology


book on New England Native American genealogy


book of New England Native American vital records


book on New England Native American history


book on New England Native American history


book on New England Native American culture


book on New England Native American culture


book on New England Native American tradition


book on New England Native American spirituality


book on Native American deeds

Deeds can be difficult to view from a Native American perspective. A few lands were given out of generosity by the Native American people but many were basically taken out of greed by the English and other foreign settlers. I learned about this book from a recent lecture by Cora Peirce. She has been using the book to help preserve Native American lands. There are some helpful Native American place and personal name indexes in the back of the book starting on page 595 and ending on page 616. The book can be purchased here.



Wampanoag artist site


Wampanoag artists site



Iron River


Mystic River Singers



good youtube site

interviews with Slow Turtle and Nanepashemet


Weetu building


Mishoon building


Wampanoag mishoon trip to Martha's Vineyard "Noepe"


We Still Live Here


Before America was America


We Shall Remain "After The Mayflower"


Desperate Crossing